A new season and a new playwright

Our artistic director has never shied away from challenging our Moppets to try new things, and our Moppets have never blinked an eye at what she’s thrown their way (time-traveling Scrooges, 10-minute “Richard III”s and flip-flops included). So we were not at all surprised when Ashleigh came to our season planning meeting armed with a heavily-highlighted copy of Molière’s “Tartuffe.”

OK, maybe we were a little bit surprised.

Once we got past our initial shock, though (a non-Shakespeare title? How now, Ashleigh!) we realized that this 17th Century French satire would be perfect for our first show of the 2022 season. “Tartuffe” has everything the Moppets love: a little romance, a little laughter, and a good bit of back-stabbing.

Not actual stabbing, though, to our Moppets’ dismay. It’s a youth theater company. The kids love a good stabbing.

(spoiler alert) 

But they’ll just have to wait for “Julius Caesar” for that.

Adding an extra layer of excitement for “Tartuffe” is our costuming class. Moppets enrolled in Costumes for the Stage will learn how to design and craft costumes, and their work will be featured in our production of “Tartuffe” in April!

Registration for our costuming class and for “Tartuffe” ends on Friday, February 18, so be sure to sign up today! You’ll be a part of Moppets history, and you’ll have a great time doing it!

Registration is now open for The Montford Moppets' Asheville youth theater production of "Tartuffe."
Registration is now open for our production of “Tartuffe“!