Moppet of the Month

Meet Mia, our Moppet of the Month!

Sixth-grade homeschooler Mia Saidi has been a Moppet since last summer, when she played King Edward IV and Prince Edward V in “Richard III.” Her favorite role with the Moppets was in “Tartuffe” earlier this year. 

Dorine “was a really fun character,” Mia says, “because she was a little bit sassy and a little bit sarcastic but very loving. Like me!”

Mia would love to have a role in a big Broadway production someday. She especially likes “Hamilton” and “Little Shop of Horrors.”

When she’s not on stage, Mia likes to read, make art and play the piano. She also likes to hang out with her friends and play with her cat. And sometimes you can find her hiding under a pile of blankets in her room!

Mia most recently appeared on the Moppets stage as Bedford and Lord Constable in “Henry V.”

Meet Eli, our Moppet of the Month!

High school junior Elias Atwood is our longest-tenured Moppet and our current Moppets intern. Eli first appeared on the Moppets stage as Peter in “Romeo & Juliet.” Last season, Eli was our malformed malevolent titular supervillain in “Richard III” and half of Scrooge in “The Moppets Present: A slightly chaotic Christmas Carol.”

(Yes, we said “half.” You had to be there.)

Eli’s most recent off-Moppets projects include a starring role in director Missy Bell’s film “The Library at the End of the Universe” and working on the tech crew on “Algorithms and Blues” at The Magnetic Theater.