“Henry V” starts today

Rehearsals for "Henry V" start today!

Last summer the Moppets took on “Richard III.” So naturally we’re going back in time this year to learn all about “Henry V”!

“Past is prologue,” after all. “The Tempest” taught us that.

In “Henry V,” Shakespeare follows another king’s rise to power as Henry of Monmouth builds England’s military might from the Hundred Years’ War to the Battle of Agincourt.

Our play’s namesake is a much more sympathetic character this time around. The contrast between Shakespeare’s portrayal of the two ambitious men is very interesting … but we’ll save that discussion for our thesis project.

“Henry V” features one of our personal favorite speeches by Shakespeare: “This day is called the feast of St. Crispin’s…” We can’t wait to see which Moppet will be delivering those rousing lines! No pressure, kids, but we’re ready to be inspired.

July 29 - August 7 in Asheville NC